Genesis/ on-going project

On July 7th 2014, 12 years-old Genesis Rincon got killed by a story bullet in a gang shoutout in Paterson, NJ. 

The aftermath of her death and the quest for justice of her family was the subject of my friend Jean-Cosme Delaloye’s documentary Stray Bullet.

Alexis Rincon, Paterson NJ

Surprisingly, during the court proceedings, a friendship developed between her dad Alexis and criminal attorney Harley Breite who represented one of the gunman; an colorful character, who lives with his mum, his ferrari and a loaded gun, safety off  in each and every room.

Jean-Cosme is now preparing a documentary serie  about their relationship and the long term impact of Genesis’ murder. He asked me to tag along and shoot portraits of the protagonists for pre- production.

Harley and his mum Inna

We met Genesis’ grandma, Susan whose health has been degrading and has been quarantined since the beginning of the pandemic in the basement of the house.

Susan Rincon, Paterson NJ

We met her uncle too. The Commissioner was a prominent figure in the streets of Paterson before being incarcerated on unrelated charges. He was let out recently due to the coronavirus.

Commissioner, Paterson NJ

Commissioner, Paterson NJ

More soon.

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