Jules de Balincourt for Pace Gallery

I am very grateful to my friends at Pace gallery for allowing me to document the process of their artists. Those have become my favorite gigs. 

In July, they sent me to the Hamptons for a very chill studio visit with fellow longtime french Bushwick resident, painter Jules de Balincourt for the promotion of his upcoming show in NY

I have been a fan of Jules’ work for a longtime but to be entirely honest, we mostly talked about surfing…

Cairns, Margaretville.

Since the passing of my mother last winter, I have been living in a haze of sadness and only found solace retreating to my cabin in the Catskills where i started obsessively stacking up rocks. 

We didn’t bury my mum, she wanted to be incinerated. I never saw her grave. 

Someone who loves me told me it was my way of grieving and i think it makes sense. 

Piling rocks into cairns introduced a sense of order to my emotions. It became an introspective ritual, a way for me to process her absence, to build her a proper grave. 

Each stack is a visual embodiment of her memory, a tribute to her strength,  her resilience, her unwavering love, her fragility too.


Prince, Bushwick.

Chilling at my friend Prince’s house on an unbearably warm summer day.

I already posted a photo of him in the spring, before his gender-affirming surgery, so he wanted a new more accurate portrait.

Word on the street is that Tinder is blowing up.

Macho on Harman street, Bushwick

I had been seeing Macho on my street for years but never dared to asking to pose for me because of his quite intimidating charisma, but he turned out to be an absolute sweetheart and loved his portrait.

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