André De Shields for The Wall Street Journal.

A couple of Sundays ago, his only day-off, André De Shields and his long-time friend/impresario Merle Frimark warmly welcomed us in his Hell’s Kitchen eagle’s nest, cramped with his many books, records, scripts and his own writings, around the rehearsal piano; in a corner of the room, the wig for his acclaimed Frederick Douglass role.

And before you ask, yes it actually is Diana Ross on the photo above him. 

A few days before, Kat Malott at The Wall Street Journal had gotten me invited for tea time to illustrate the ‘house call’ interview of the Mansion weekly supplement. She didn’t know it yet, but she had just offered me one of the loveliest moments of my career.   

Now, I am usually fairly selective on here, but when the ‘Wiz’ dances and does his Jerry Lewis impersonation for you, you forget branding and you post the photos!

You should definitely read the interview by Marc Myers here. 

You could also buy the paper today and finance our luxurious lifestyle.

And so you get the full experience….

Bassem Youssef for The Wall Street Journal.

Bassem Youssef has quite a biography - from heart surgeon to being the ‘Jon Stewart of Egypt’, hosting a satirical show “Al Bernameg”, and subsequently pissing off both the Muslim Brotherhood and the military regime to the point that he had to stop for his own safety.

He talked to the always delightful Alexandra Wolfe for WSJ’s Week end confidential portrait.
You should definitely read her piece here.

The Journal used the shots above, but I will keep this more contrasted option.

The Men in Blazers for American Way magazine.

Last december, American Way magazine sent me on a mission to portray Michael Davies and Roger Bennett, aka the Men in Blazers.
Props included 6-packs of Guinness and a soccer ball, chaos ensued…

I wish to express my gratefulness again to the two interns who had to clean beer off the ceiling, and to the Men in Blazers for not making us pay for the dry-cleaning, the carpet and the two broken lamps.

You can check the issue online here, or by booking an American Airlines ticket going somewhere cool.
Where they serve colorful cocktails with those funny paper parasols.

Christoph Waltz for The Wall Street Journal.

Greetings from the south of France!

Christmas came early this year!
Just a few days before I left, the amazing Ronnie Weil at The Wall Street Journal, who will get showered under french treats upon my returnal, sent me to photograph Christoph Waltz at a midtown hotel.

Although he had spent the day doing those god-awful press junkets, Mr Waltz accepted all my fantasies with extreme patience and kindness.

Read the piece by Alexandra Wolfe here

Fun fact: Ronnie showed up and pretented to shoot behind-the-scene photos, but she was really there because she has a massive crush on Mr Waltz.

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