Ryan Matthew Cohn, bone collector for

I am immensely grateful to photography for occasionally sending me to the weirdest places.

Ryan Matthew Cohn, artist, collector and host of Science channel’s Oddities, turned his Greenpoint railroad apartment into something between a Victorian museum of horror, the Addams family house and H.H Holmes’ man cave.There are squeletons of various sizes, skulls of various species, lots of them, antique surgery devices and shits in Formaldehyde you don’t really want to know about.
Did i mention the Egyptian mummy head?

I must admit that upon arrival, I was slightly concerned for my physical integrity but
Ryan was way more normal than his apartment could let you presume, pretty sympathic actually and we had a great time shooting and discussing how difficult it is to find a cleaning lady who accepts to come back more than once.

Read the piece on OZY

Paul Dans for The American Lawyer

Attorney Paul Dans was instrumental in revealing the fraud surrounding the Chevron Ecuador lawsuit which was later called “the world greatest litigation fraud”.

We met for a last minute shoot, on a steamy July afternoon at the NY bar association, which is a beautiful place, with a beautiful library, that you won’t see since both Paul’s force of persuasion and my french charm failed miserably to convince the cerberus woman at the entrance to let us shoot in it…
You can’t always win.

If you want to know more, American lawyer’s senior international correspondent Michael Goldhaber released an ebook titled ” Crude Awakening” that reads like a John Grisham’s novel.
It’s available here and highly recommended by yours truly.
Fun fact/ Paul and I attended the same french law university Paris-2 Pantheon-Assas. He obviously did much better.

Jeff Bridges for The Wall Street Journal.

“You got the wrong guy. I’m the Dude, man.”

Exactly a week ago, I was at Studio 225 in Chelsea, living the best 20 minutes of my professional life.

The previous friday, Ronnie Weil at WSJ, who instantly made it from my top 10 to my top 5 people, ousting both Oprah and my mum, had asked me to photograph ”His Dudeness … Duder … or El Duderino, if, you know… You’re not into the whole brevity thing.” Mr Jeff Bridges!

The shoot went really fast, it’s all a bit blurry in my head. Luckily, The Wall Street Journal posted a cool behind-the-scene on their photoblog. The article by the unstoppable Alexandra Wolfe is here.

And That’s what a happy photo-editor looks like!!!

UPDATE: I answer a few questions about the shoot on my excellent friend Joao Carlos’ blog, check it out here!
I even talk a little bit about technique which is extremely rare

DJ Mustard for Billboard

I worked on my birthday this year.

On August 1st, a very sweaty me set up a small studio at Billboard’s office for a 10 minutes (litterally!) shoot with DJ Mustard, who’s officially, at age 24, the most bankable beatmaker of 2014.

So bankable in fact, that he released his first album for free here.

Fun fact: He goes by Mustard cuz his first name is Dijon. So Francais!

Fun fact 2: The lovely Amelia from Billboard bought me a birthday cake and she knows how to strike a hip-hop pose.

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