Sebastian Junger for the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal got me a very short sitting with Sebastian Junger earlier this month for Alex Wolfe’s Weekend confidential (read it here).  

We shot in and around The half king, a restaurant he co-owns in Chelsea and it felt a bit like trying to corner a feline into a small space. 

Many Thanks to Ivar Dameron, who was covering for my beloved Ronnie Boo Boo while she was in Europe with my grandma, being fabulous.  

John Waters for The Wall Street Journal.


Kat Malott at Wall Street Journal (who is going to get buried under macaroons for this one) got me an hour with John Waters at his apartment in NYC. The assignment was environmental portraits for the real estate section.

 But I arrived with this idea to mirror 1926 Man Ray photo “Noire et blanche (Black and white)” of a model, posing with a carved mask. 

Breaking out the black seamless at the end of the shoot, I explained my idea in my best broken English. He smiled and replied, “Alright, take your best shot, Diane Arbus.” 

He rested his head for few seconds, 7 frames total, and I was in a very, very good mood for a good couple of hours.

Nelson Molina and his treasure for N by Norwegian.

Last year, The in-flight magazine of Norwegian Airlines sent me to a funny place. Up in East Harlem, in a huge warehouse, the department of sanitation is keeping the treasures found in the trash of NY.

It’s actually the life work of Nelson Molina, who obsessionally collected what they call “mongos” in the sanitation slang, during his 32 years of service.

The visit was very regulated, I only had 30 minutes with no assistant and it took a little negotiation, and signing a few forms, before I could use my beloved Qflash. Here are a few out-takes.

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