Mario Andretti for The Wall Street Journal

A few weeks ago, I drove to Nazareth PA to shoot driving legend Mario Andretti for WSJ around his beautiful house for the Mansion section. 
It was a weird shoot because both him and I were faking it.

Just a few days prior, Mr Andretti’s wife of 57 years had died.
And although it can’t possibly be compared; that same morning, my dog Olive had to be put down. I was devastated.

We looked at the fancy cars, the trophies,the memorabilia etc… I did my usual shooting jokes, he did his usual smiling poses, we shot the photos for the Journal.
When we finished, he just sat on a chair near a big window, and let out a big sigh of relief. 
I slipped a black background behind him, we didn’t say anything,I shot 5 more photos.

Jonathan Dinklage for NJ Monthly

A few weeks ago, I was basically being carried around backstage by 2 union guys, minutes from the start of Hamilton’s matinee performance, to photograph lead violinist Jonathan Dinklage, whose brother you might incidentally know from a successful tv show.

Milton Glaser for The Wall Street Journal

A few weeks ago, since i have been a good boy, The Wall Street journal organized me a short studio visit with design legend Milton Glaser, the man behind the ‘I ❤️ NY’ logo.

And since i have been a very good boy, they even ran it in Black and white.

Read the pice by Alex Wolfe here.

And here are a couple of other options we shot. Syndication is available through Redux Pictures

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