Christoph Waltz for The Wall Street Journal.

Greetings from the south of France!

Christmas came early this year!
Just a few days before I left, the amazing Ronnie Weil at The Wall Street Journal, who will get showered under french treats upon my returnal, sent me to photograph Christoph Waltz at a midtown hotel.

Although he had spent the day doing those god-awful press junkets, Mr Waltz accepted all my fantasies with extreme patience and kindness.

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Fun fact: Ronnie showed up and pretented to shoot behind-the-scene photos, but she was really there because she has a massive crush on Mr Waltz.

A selfie with Tina Barney for Barron's Penta.

Last september, I was sent to shoot fellow portrait photographer Tina Barney, at her Gramercy Park apartment, for Barron’s glossy quarterly supplement Penta.

I was asked to come with minimal equipment, no assistant, and to make it as quick as humanly possible.

Upon arrival, I realized that, as she put it herself, Mrs Barney “wasn’t really interested in this”, which I truly don’t judge severely since I would, myself, rather give you a lap dance in the nude than let you take my photo.

After a few shots near the window, and since there was no way i was going to avoid reflections in that mirror wall, I decided to own it and send in a self-portrait on my first assignment for Barron’s
5 minutes later, Mrs Barney got up and just said “ok”.

Ryan Matthew Cohn, bone collector for

I am immensely grateful to photography for occasionally sending me to the weirdest places.

Ryan Matthew Cohn, artist, collector and host of Science channel’s Oddities, turned his Greenpoint railroad apartment into something between a Victorian museum of horror, the Addams family house and H.H Holmes’ man cave.There are squeletons of various sizes, skulls of various species, lots of them, antique surgery devices and shits in Formaldehyde you don’t really want to know about.
Did i mention the Egyptian mummy head?

I must admit that upon arrival, I was slightly concerned for my physical integrity but
Ryan was way more normal than his apartment could let you presume, pretty sympathic actually and we had a great time shooting and discussing how difficult it is to find a cleaning lady who accepts to come back more than once.

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