Nelson Molina and his treasure for N by Norwegian.

Last year, The in-flight magazine of Norwegian Airlines sent me to a funny place. Up in East Harlem, in a huge warehouse, the department of sanitation is keeping the treasures found in the trash of NY.

It’s actually the life work of Nelson Molina, who obsessionally collected what they call “mongos” in the sanitation slang, during his 32 years of service.

The visit was very regulated, I only had 30 minutes with no assistant and it took a little negotiation, and signing a few forms, before I could use my beloved Qflash. Here are a few out-takes.

Tom Wolfe for The Wall Street Journal.

These past few years, I have been illustrating Alexandra Wolfe’s Weekend Confidential column for The Wall Street Journal regularly. The frequent readers of this blog, mostly close friends and family members, might remember the “Unstoppable” Alex from our adventures with Jeff Bridges, Christoph Waltz or well… Sarah Palin.

And for the past few years, every time I saw Alex, I always wanted to ask her to organize me a sitting with her dad, but, you know, i didn’t want to be that guy…

Last monday however, I spent my afternoon in Tom Wolfe’s beautiful living room, overlooking Central Park, with my beloved Ronnie ‘Boo Boo’ Weil, as Alexandra was assigned the daunting task of interviewing her own dad. It’s very good. Read it here!

P.S: Alexandra, your dad is awesome. I hope you like the portrait.

P.P.S: We are both a little bit worried that you’re going to Burning man.

Misty Copeland & Kevin Plank for Footwear News.

Last month, I got up very very early for a quick and caffeinated shoot with Under-Armour CEO Kevin Plank and the beautiful Misty Copeland. 

Since then, every time I have been pointing my camera at someone, a voice inside my brain whispers “It would look so much better with Misty.” 

It’s frustrating. 

Oh! Kevin was great too. 

A huge thanks to everyone at Footwear News, particularly Elizabeth Slott for hiring me and understanding my on-set needs (read: pouring coffee down my throat until I was able to stand-up without assistance and open my eyes), Suzana Hallili for the make up, and the excellent Marcus Tortorici for having the patience to assist me.

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