Misty Copeland & Kevin Plank for Footwear News.

Last month, I got up very very early for a quick and caffeinated shoot with Under-Armour CEO Kevin Plank and the beautiful Misty Copeland. 

Since then, every time I have been pointing my camera at someone, a voice inside my brain whispers “It would look so much better with Misty.” 

It’s frustrating. 

Oh! Kevin was great too. 

A huge thanks to everyone at Footwear News, particularly Elizabeth Slott for hiring me and understanding my on-set needs (read: pouring coffee down my throat until I was able to stand-up without assistance and open my eyes), Suzana Hallili for the make up, and the excellent Marcus Tortorici for having the patience to assist me.

Adweek Media All-Stars 2016 Issue / cover and a few portraits.

Last month, Adweek asked me to photograph all the New York subjects of the 2016 Media All-stars Issue

By order of appearance: Daryl Lee from UM global, Carrie Seifer of Mediavest I Spark, Jon Gittins of Mediacom, Sean Corcoran from MullenLowe, Justine Bloome of Carat, Trevor Guthrie from Giant Spoon and Helen Lin from Zenith, who’s lovely and keeps good bourbon in her office.

A huge thank to Margo Braha for hiring me and to Marcus Tortorici and Julian Hom for carrying my shit while I chain-smoke.

5 minutes with Jeff Daniels for The Wall Street Journal

I shot Jeff Daniels for last weekend’s Wall Street Journal, as seen here on my insta, held by my bestie Justin Boykin, who has pretty eyes, funny hats, a liver made of steel and a next-door neighbor with a WSJ subscription. 

The shoot itself was, let’s say, unilaterally enthusiastic and over about 5.47 minutes later, so no funny stories this time.

I still managed to take a couple of mildly publishable photographs, thank god for assistants and youtube tutorials.

Sure Mr Daniels next to the mark is fine too.

The color option ran online with Alexandra Wolfe’s profile here.

With necessary big-ups to my beautiful photo-editor Ronnie ‘Boo-Boo’ Weil, the lovely Nickee David for the grooming, John at Camart studios and the good people at Boobie Trap in Bushwick, for getting me shit-hammered that night.

Michael Dorf, CEO of City Winery for Billboard.

Billboard asked me to portray Michael Dorf last month, for their “From the desk of” column. It’s out this week and you can read it here.

When your subject works off an apartment specially dedicated to his music collection, or his bone collection, your shoot usually goes pretty smoothly and you are at the bar in no time. Otherwise, as we say where i come from, c’est la merde.

I got lucky this time as Michael likes to work in the basement surrounded by wine barrels. 

Billboard picked a fairly literal option; which is  understandable, and fine by me because their photo-editor is lovely, much much taller than me, and she pays me extremely well. 

But i do like those too.

We even got silly for a minute at the end.

Robert A.M. Stern, architect for The Wall Street Journal.

I shot architect and Yale School of Architecture’s dean Robert A.M. Stern a couple of weeks ago and since I have been a good boy this year, my beautiful photo-editor Ronnie “Boo Boo” Weil accepted to run it in black and white for once.

Read the piece by the bombastic Alexandra Wolfe here.

And big up to assistant Julian Hom for snatching a behind-the-scene photo.

William Ackman, Investor for The Wall Street Journal.

Yesterday morning, at 7.15 AM, my reptilian brain teamed up with a liter & a half of Cafe Bustello for a 15mn shoot with Pershing Square Capital Management’s CEO and self-described activist investor William “Bill” Ackman, who was in a fairly good mood if you consider he lost 2 billions last tuesday, as I learnt in today’s piece by the excellent Monica Langley.

And It made the front page! As seen on my Instagram

Do you follow me on Instagram? You should.

A huge thank you to the amazing Sarah Morse at WSJ, who’s one of the very very few women in the world who can ask me to wake up before 5AM on an editorial paycheck.

Look Mum!

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