5 minutes with Jeff Daniels for The Wall Street Journal

I shot Jeff Daniels for last weekend’s Wall Street Journal, as seen here on my insta, held by my bestie Justin Boykin, who has pretty eyes, funny hats, a liver made of steel and a next-door neighbor with a WSJ subscription. 

The shoot itself was, let’s say, unilaterally enthusiastic and over about 5.47 minutes later, so no funny stories this time.

I still managed to take a couple of mildly publishable photographs, thank god for assistants and youtube tutorials.

Sure Mr Daniels next to the mark is fine too.

The color option ran online with Alexandra Wolfe’s profile here.

With necessary big-ups to my beautiful photo-editor Ronnie ‘Boo-Boo’ Weil, the lovely Nickee David for the grooming, John at Camart studios and the good people at Boobie Trap in Bushwick, for getting me shit-hammered that night.

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