Shantel Walker for The New York Times

Yesterday I went to meet Shantel Walker near her house in Bedstuy. She is a Papa John’s worker and an activist of the Fast Food Justice organization. 

Read the piece here.

My day had started a tad earlier, at 7.13am to be exact, when i received the following text from my beloved editor Leslie Dela Vega, one of the very few people in this industry who can wake me up without physically and/or emotionally endangering themselves.

A short while and a few cups of coffee later, I jumped in a cab with literally just a camera strapped to my neck.

At 11.20, I was done shooting, edited on my laptop on the bumpy ride back, had a quick fight with The New York Times’s Ftp server which i subsequently won. 

Leslie had the photos on her desk at 12.25, and i was finally able to shower.

And this morning, I woke up with a picture in The New York Times.

Which always feels kinda good when you’re originally from Place de Clichy.

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