A selfie with Tina Barney for Barron's Penta.

Last september, I was sent to shoot fellow portrait photographer Tina Barney, at her Gramercy Park apartment, for Barron’s glossy quarterly supplement Penta.

I was asked to come with minimal equipment, no assistant, and to make it as quick as humanly possible.

Upon arrival, I realized that, as she put it herself, Mrs Barney “wasn’t really interested in this”, which I truly don’t judge severely since I would, myself, rather give you a lap dance in the nude than let you take my photo.

After a few shots near the window, and since there was no way i was going to avoid reflections in that mirror wall, I decided to own it and send in a self-portrait on my first assignment for Barron’s
5 minutes later, Mrs Barney got up and just said “ok”.

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